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behind the frame
Pirate Duckman
turnt upside down
triple double every day

lowkeyfurry asked: Hey Dax, I love your gifs and wanted to try and experiment by making one of my own. I have an idea and have been sketching stuff out, but I also don't really know what I'm doing. Could you explain your process to me or give me some pointers? Thanks!

First come up with a good idea.  I think I would need to know what animation technique you are using before advising on specifics, although remember that the motion itself can be used to enhance the art. Also, for the gif format, looping can be used to better the concept as well.

I do most of my stuff frame by frame with the drawn ones, which you can try by simply drawing directly on paper, then scanning in the drawings and timing them out in any video editor.

The 3D art is a whole nother beast.

this video is really good with tips on animation by terry gilliam:

he uses a cutout style of animation akin to modern day flash animation..

gold teeth thighs
fancy feet
eyelash egg protectors
smilin’ wit my girls

roosters made of many things, such as a gremlin, cigarettes and hot dogs, plus a woman in red dress
styrofoam high school basketball selfie w/ record spinning eyeball
what is this fire that grows inside?
Metaphysical Johnny beating time to the strobing cosmos.