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letsgopaintgraffiti asked: do you take LSD daily?

I never done no LSD,┬áthat’s just how I see.

duckbird eyeball
"the over sharing pharaoh"
people who faces be lookin like their bodies #5
roadrunner, roadrunner!!

Keith Haring vs Super Mario

come see a bunch of my painted bowling pins @JerrysAustin 
     In the past 12 years or so, I have painted well over 1,000 bowling pins as various characters.  Hundreds of which I just left around Austin and strewn about Texas for people to find and maybe bring them a smile. A few months back, I found myself with only about 100 left from my once mighty 800 pin stash that I got from a bowling alley in San Francisco as part of the @lebowskifest in 2008.  
photos by deet
behind a foggy window
psychedelic peeper
haircut of the year
Future Dad and the Reptoids
Hurt my hand, but will still create daily.
a frog jumping out of a frog
slithering dithering

found Jesus on tie dye shirt

this mirage